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Keravan Kerala, an innovative tourism product created by Kerala Tourism to boost its potential and attractiveness as a tourism destination, provides tourists with safe, personalized, nature-themed travel experience in God's Own Country. Come experience Kerala on Keravan Kerala caravans; rest comfortably in tranquil caravan parks while discovering unexplored tourist spots!

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Kerala is a tropical state located on the Indian Malabar Coast, is among the most visited tourist destinations in India. Its unique culture and idyllic setting--which is in stark contrast to the fast-paced modern life, make Kerala an idyllic location to enjoy a relaxing vacation as do places like Bali or Tahiti. But, there's a wealth of things to do if you become bored of relaxing on the beach. Go to an old-fashioned Kathakali dance show cruise through the backwaters on houseboats, or spend your time to go on a to a tea tasting.

Why is Kerala Called God's Own Country?

Experience God's Own Country

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Kerala Beaches - Create Romantic Puddles

Tell us your trip needs, and we'll work together to customize a trip that fulfills them exactly - creating an enjoyable, unforgettable experience for you.

Mountains - Explore Magical Paradise

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Discover The Emerald Backwaters

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A Rich Variety of Flavorful Cuisines to Delight Your Senses

TripAdvisor, the world's premier travel website, awarded us with their Certificate of Excellence Award.

Beautiful Scenery of Blue Hills, Beaches and Backwaters

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Experience the captivating beauty of Kerala with our exclusive travel package. Dive into its lush greenery, tranquil backwaters, and picturesque beaches that this magnificent state has to offer. Experience Alleppey's famed backwaters by houseboat, witnessing its captivating sunset over its tranquil waters. Unleash Kochi's cultural legacy on a guided tour of Fort Kochi. Explore colonial architecture and visit iconic Chinese fishing nets while indulging in authentic Kerala flavors with traditional meals served along the journey. Our experienced guides will ensure a smooth journey, providing insightful information about local culture and traditions - don't miss this chance to create unforgettable memories in God's Own Country!

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