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Houseboat tours on Kerala backwaters are unmissable experiences; now though, caravanning should also be included as part of your Kerala tour itinerary! For tourists wishing to go across God’s own country, Kerala tourism has offered luxurious caravans.

What is Kerala Caravanning?

Tourism Kerala has introduced an exciting and unique way of exploring Kerala on land: luxury caravanning. Travelers will experience all the luxurious comforts while touring its roads; usually these caravans can easily fit two children and four adults at one time! Many tour packages also include Kerala caravanning.

What distinguishes these caravans?

Kerala caravanning requires a caravan – of course! However, these luxurious and comfortable caravans make your journey truly pleasurable and enjoyable. Equipped with features such as air conditioning, an infotainment system, lounge area with comfortable seating arrangements, fully equipped kitchen equipped with all essential appliances as well as spacious bedrooms equipped with bunk beds and bathrooms equipped with showers; Kerala caravanning promises an experience like no other that will help open up new perspectives of this State altogether! When we speak of luxury in Kerala we mean an unparalleled escapade that allows us to see it all over and through.

Kerala caravanning offers the opportunity of selecting a caravan with an awning and outdoor seating set-up – an option which allows for quick stop overs and comfortable tea breaks.

Where can You Travel Caravanning in Kerala?

By opting for caravan travel in Kerala, your tour doesn’t need to remain incomplete! These caravans allow you to see and traverse all parts of Kerala – from Munnar’s tea plantations and temples in Thrissur’s temple complexes all the way down to its beaches lined with tall palm trees – you will never tire out on these caravans! Additionally, soon there will be roads leading into lesser explored parts of Kerala so caravanning could provide access to more parts of this state!

What is the concept behind Kerala Caravanning?

Kerala tour packages now give tourists an option of experiencing its beauty through caravanning while traveling around. There are caravan parks set up specifically to assist tourists who choose this mode of sightseeing and enjoy village life settings in comfort with lounge rooms, bathrooms and kitchens in each caravan – providing tourists with an authentic Keralan experience that benefits local communities while exploring and traveling more sustainably.

Caravan parks provide safe and secure environments for parking caravans. Their environments will be enjoyable and stress free for everyone who visits these parks; with comprehensive security features including compound walls that ensure the wellbeing and protection of everyone who comes there.

Touring Kerala

Kerala is one of India’s most stunning states. Boasting rich culture, delicious cuisine and stunning beaches to explore, tourists flock here in droves for relaxation on its stunning beachside and delicious dishes such as seafood. Kerala tour packages are highly sought-after packages which contribute greatly to India’s growing tourism sector.

Kerala offers something for everyone! Wildlife enthusiasts will delight in exploring Kerala’s wonderful national parks; for dance enthusiasts Kathakali dance performances can be found throughout Kerala; there are also dance festivals here dedicated to Kathakali! For history enthusiasts Kochi offers impressive sites such as Paradesi Synagogue in Jew Town with wondrous chandeliers and Chinese tiles that delight both eyes and mind!

Kerala offers much to explore regarding its historical legacy, with attractions like the Dutch Palace attracting history buffs. Additionally, Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur hosts Kerala’s grandest temple festival each year and Juma Masjid offers culture, beauty and history all rolled into one.

Make sure that when choosing Kerala tour packages, your list includes all of these places! And for an unforgettable trip experience, why not consider caravanning through Kerala! It’s truly incredible and unparalleled way of experiencing a new state in all its beauty.

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