How To Reach Kerala?

Munroe Island, Kerala

Families, couples on their honeymoons, and lone travellers all love Kerala as a location for travel. Due to all the fantastic things there are to do and see in Kerala, every holiday season you may find people looking for tour packages of their ideal trip there. Kerala has four airports that operate both local and international flights because it is a famous tourist destination: Cochin, Trivandrum, Kozhikode, and Kannur. Due to the proximity of these airports, the majority of people who book trips do so via aeroplane; nevertheless, there are alternative options, which this blog investigates in more detail!

Reaching Kerala by Air:-

Thanks to Kerala’s numerous airports, flying into the state is convenient and easy. Trivandrum International Airport is one of the southernmost airports and is just 3.7 kilometres from the city centre, making it simple to get to coastal attractions like Kovalam, Varkala, and other nearby locations. If passengers choose flights that depart from this airport for their journey around Kerala, it can also carry them 95 km away to Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu if they need to travel the entire distance!

The busiest airport in Kerala is Cochin International Airport, which is entirely powered by solar energy. offering flights to Kerala from a number of adjacent minor towns, including Alleppey and Munnar, directly and without a stopover. When booking Kerala vacation packages, don’t forget about these surrounding locations!

Its third and last airport is in Kerala, at Kozhikode. When you arrive there for your Kerala vacation, you’ll have many transportation options and a wealth of intriguing sites to explore alone or with family and friends. The airport has two terminals with regional and international flights.

Reaching Kerala by Road:-

Don’t lose hope if flying isn’t an option for you; there are still other ways to go to Kerala. If time and travel hours don’t matter to you, then travelling by road to Kerala should be high on your list of must-dos. The Kerala Caravan was recently introduced for visitors who want to explore Kerala in a unique way! Kerala caravans are a fantastic method to explore the state’s riches because some tourists enjoy experiencing Kerala from the comfort of one.

The journey to Kerala by vehicle is straightforward because to the numerous national highways and local highways that make it possible. If you wish to get to Kerala while on your holiday, you can book a taxi or drive yourself thanks to these motorways that connect Kerala with other regions of India.

Reaching Kerala by Train:-

Travelling by train is a fantastic way to discover Kerala. In addition to being an outstanding picturesque ride through its breathtaking coast and western ghats, rail travel is far less expensive than flying. A few popular trains include the duronto, Rajdhani, and Kerala Express, all of which depart on a weekly basis and make arranging your tour simple.

Many tourists now travel to Kerala by rail, taking in the picturesque splendour along the way, before continuing on to explore more of this exciting location with a Kerala caravan. The Konkan Railway Line connects trains into Kerala from all across India. For an extravagant rail travel experience, purchase tickets on one of the two opulent trains, the Maharaja Express or Golden Chariot, which will treat you like royalty while transporting you across this stunning country.

Reaching Kerala by Sea:-

20 There are numerous ways to go to Kerala by boat since it is a coastal state. It is undoubtedly achievable and will make for an outstanding vacation package experience because the famous backwaters of Kerala connect directly with the Lakshadweep islands and cruise ships operate out of Cochin Port in Kochi and Vishinjam International Seaport in Thiruvananthapuram.

There are various ways to get to Kerala; choose the one that’s most entertaining, convenient, and straightforward for you and your family. Come experience Kerala’s magnificent beauty, wildlife, culture, and wonderful cuisine that are ready to make you fall again in love. Kerala vacation packages can be specially tailored to match your needs.

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