Keravan Kerala

Keravan Kerala

Three decades after houseboat tourism was introduced in Kerala, its Department of Tourism unveiled an innovative tourism offering: Keravan Kerala or Caravan Tourism. This revolutionary concept promises to elevate Kerala as an exceptional travel destination while taking an eco-friendly approach towards development.

Kerala state government’s reaction to travelers suffering from post-pandemic desires and needs is to announce an comprehensive Caravan Tourism Policy which offers travelers a safe, customized trip that is inspired by nature as well as establishing the guidelines for the development and promotion of the caravan industry within Kerala state boundaries. One of its objectives is encouraging private sector participation through the purchase of caravans or establishing caravan parks with effective processes and approval systems which ensure safe travel through the natural surroundings.

Caravan Tourism Policy stands out for its distinctive characteristics. Travelers can enjoy an unforgettable journey, combining luxurious caravans with picturesque caravan parks and Village Life Experience (VLE) packages powered by Kerala Responsible Tourism Mission. Furthermore, this initiative seeks to uncover undiscovered destinations within Kerala that attract caravan enthusiasts while simultaneously supporting sustainable activities that benefit both communities as well as industry growth.

Keravan Kerala provides investors with ample opportunity for operating purpose-built caravans for travel, leisure and accommodation purposes. Furthermore, local self-government institutions play a pivotal role in setting up eco-friendly Caravan Parks across Kerala which serve as great stopsovers for visitors planning overnight stays, day trips or extended excursions in their desired locations.

Keravan Kerala marks an extraordinary leap forward for Kerala’s tourism landscape, using Caravan Tourism to offer visitors not only an extraordinary travel experience but also long-term sustainable benefits to local communities and the tourism industry. As Kerala continues its reign as an international tourism hotspot, Keravan Kerala stands as an innovative beacon of progress that invites guests on an experience-rich journey far beyond simply reaching their final destination.

Tourist Caravan

Keravan Kerala.

Tourist Caravans, expertly built vehicles specifically designed for accommodations, leisure, and travel provide the highest standard of mobile hospitality. They are equipped with modern amenities to guarantee a smooth journey and a comfortable travel for passengers, Caravans offer a truly memorable journey. Tourist Caravans are classified into two broad categories namely Towed/Trailer Caravans and Rigid Caravans, each with distinct benefits for travellers.

Rigid Caravans

Rigid Caravans stand out as a unique and integrated option in the field of Tourist Caravans. They blend motors and lodging facilities seamlessly to provide an unparalleled journey experience while they travel through beautiful landscapes.

Towed/Trailer Caravans

Towed/Trailer Caravans provide a different approach to accommodation that is mobile. In these arrangements, accommodations are located inside an individual unit, which is to be towed behind by an appropriate vehicle to transport it. This arrangement gives travelers the flexibility to connect or disconnect it according to their journey, providing more comfort during their journeys.

The Ideal Length and Minimum Features

The ideal Tourist Caravan measures around 8.5 meters in length, offering the perfect balance between flexibility and space. With its compact, yet cozy space, the Tourist Caravans have different minimum features that improve your travel experience, including:

  • Sofa-Cum-Beds for Two: This multifunctional seating area is easily transformed into a comfortable bed for two people. 
  • Kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator and microwave Oven: Travelers looking to cook themselves meals will appreciate this kitchenette with a well-appointed layout that includes microwave oven and a refrigerator for maximum efficiency.
  • Partition behind the driver: Partitions can offer privacy and clearly divide diverse functions in the living area from the place the driver’s residence.
  • Communications System The efficient system of communication guarantees a safe and enjoyable travel experience for both drivers and passengers alike.
  • Air-Conditioning Features for controlling the temperature like air conditioning are designed to provide an ideal temperature inside your caravan irrespective of outside influences.Keravan Kerala.
  • Dining Table The table is a separate dining space, complete with table, caravan members are able to share meals during dinner time.
  • Audio/Video Facility The HTML0 Audio/Video Facility offers entertainment options like audio and video technology to keep passengers entertained during the journey or a relaxing campervan stay.
  • Internet Connectivity Connectivity to the Internet keeps travelers in touch with the world of digital.
  • Charge your electronic devices with Attention: Provide adequate external and internal charging options both internal and external to ensure that your electronic devices are powered throughout your trip.
  • GPS (Desirable): A GPS system can aid travelers in reaching their destinations swiftly and efficiently.
  • Preferential Bharat Stage VI Compliance: Vehicles adhering to environmental standards like Bharat Stage VI are able in reducing emissions and minimizing their impact on the environment.
  • Eco-friendly Waste Treatment Method: An eco-friendly waste treatment system that promotes the sustainable use of travel resources is readily available.
  • IT-enabled Real-Time Monitoring System: This high-tech monitoring tool allows real-time monitoring of the performance of your caravan and security features, further enhancing travelers’ experience.

Investment Subsidy and Affidavit

Tourist Caravan investors seeking financial support may qualify for an investment subsidy. To start this process, applicants must submit an affidavit as part of their application to demonstrate intent and dedication towards operating Tourist Caravans according to set regulations.

Downloadable sample forms of an Affidavit are readily available, making the application process straightforward. Applicants should complete and send this affidavit containing stamp paper valued at Rs 200 directly to designated authorities for review and submission; formalizing investment processes while also showing everyone involved just how serious this effort is and uniting towards providing exceptional Tourist Caravan experiences.

Caravan Parks

Caravan Parks are an integral component of Keravan Kerala initiative, and their purpose is to offer travelers a tranquil haven in natural settings. From prioritizing safety, security, hygiene and relaxation, they create an unforgettable travel experience without anxiety. These parks can be found either privately owned, publicly funded or joint sector locations; all have one goal in common – taking advantage of untapped potential by creating Caravan Parks tailored specifically for each destination’s particular charms.

A Haven of Safety and Security

Keravan Kerala.

Caravan Parks aim to offer tourists a safe and secure haven in nature’s beauty so that their visitors can fully enjoy their stay without worry or anxiety. Key components of their commitment to safety and security include:

  • Proper Fencing: Caravan Parks require secure fencing that marks their boundaries and prevents unauthorised entry, providing security against unwanted visitors entering.
  • Appropriate Security and Safety Measures: Educated security staff are deployed within parks to maintain an authoritative presence while adhering to industry safety measures. Their patrolling helps foster a sense of ongoing safety in the park.
  • Surveillance Cameras: Modern surveillance technology such as strategically-placed surveillance cameras provides peace of mind to any business or institution by keeping all corners under a vigilant watchful eye.

Operational Requirements

Caravan parks must adhere to specific operational standards to satisfy visitor expectations and ensure a pleasant and hassle-free stay for guests. The most important operational requirements could comprise:

  • Access 24/7: Caravan Parks offer travellers the flexibility to arrive or depart at a time that is suitable for them, and gives them greater flexibility when planning their schedules for travel.
  • Fair Weather Road Connectivity As an essential factor in accessibility for caravan parks, they should provide access roads that connect directly to main roads so that visitors can enjoy a smoother traveling.
  • Essential Trade Licenses along with No Objection Certificates (NOCs): Caravan Parks must obtain all of the required licenses for trading as well as Non-Objection Certificates from the relevant authorities in order to conform to the legal and regulatory requirements like pollution control, fire safety and much more. They’ll require these permits to ensure compliance and the smooth operation of their park.
  • Public Liability Insurance Caravan Parks provide visitors with peace of mind through keeping a public liability insurance policy to protect against unforeseeable incidents and accidents that could occur within their facilities.
  • utility connections: Caravan Parks in India have to comply with specific electricity water and sewage connections for caravans to achieve standardized quality levels and ensure maximum guest comfort. This creates the same standard across caravan parks while also ensuring that the parks comply with governmental guidelines.

Standalone or Hybrid Parks

Caravan Parks can come in one of two forms: in the form of hybrid or standalone. In the end, their choice will be based on the location’s particular requirements and plans for its success. Let’s take a closer analysis of each one:

  1. Standalone Caravan Parks: These Caravan Parks offer all the amenities and services that are available within their own park offering a full-service trip for guests as everything they need can be available on site.
  2. Hybrid Parks: Hybrid Caravan Parks differ from other hybrid parks in that they are typically integrated into existing facilities such as resorts, or other services that are related to tourism however they remain distinct within the tourism ecosystem like wayside amenities and restaurants, as well as general vehicle parking, or accommodation. However, their facilities for caravan parking and associated services are distinct within the wider ecosystem of tourism services, though physically separate – hybrid arrangements need to ensure physical separation from other services such as wayside facilities, restaurants, general accommodation or vehicle parking to maintain the unique atmosphere that is associated with Caravan Parks and provide visitors with the full benefits of an enhanced tourism experience.

Types of Caravan Parks

Caravan Parks form the heart of the Keravan Kerala initiative and provide guests with unique experiences that are customized to their individual preferences.Keravan Kerala.

Every Caravan Park has been carefully designed with specific goals to increase the popularity of Kerala as a top tourist destination, making these parks more appealing to tourists more than ever before. Offering a variety of modes of operation and amenities that are specifically tailored to various needs of travelers They Caravan Parks make sure each guest’s experience is as good as their own expectations.

State-of-the-Art Caravan Parks

Created for Extended stay and overnight stays

The most modern Caravan Parks represent the pinnacle of luxury and luxury in mobile hospitality. They have the most modern amenities designed to provide travelers with extended vacations that are unforgettable and refreshing experience. The most important features of these parks are:

  • Reception Reception: Guests are able to check in, get information, and receive help throughout the duration of their trip from Reception. Kitchen: Fully equipped kitchen lets guests prepare food on their own, with little assistance – resulting in more independence and convenience to guests.
  • Dormitory offering cozy dormitories to those who are traveling with larger groups or families. dorms encourage bonding and sharing experiences, as well as providing secure power sources for the most important appliances and gadgets in the caravan.
  • Septage Connection is essential for providing efficient sanitation and waste management for guests.
  • Toilets and Bathrooms Clean restrooms that are designed to be comfortable for guests are vital features that guarantee the proper disposal of waste as well as sanitation services.

Day Parks

catering to single-day explorations

Day Parks are specifically designed for those looking for a single day trip who are not planning to stay for the night. Although they offer lesser amenities than extended-stay counterparts, they offer the essential amenities that guarantee the most convenient and enjoyable experience for visitors on day trips. The facilities at Day Parks generally comprise:

  • Toilet facilities: The visitors will be able to use accessible and clean restrooms throughout their stay for refreshment.
  • Cafe and Kitchen facilities: Light refreshments can be readily available through basic kitchen facilities, along with cafes that serve light meals and refreshments to guests throughout their stay.

Hybrid Caravan Park

Keravan Kerala.

Incorporation into Resort Accommodations

Hybrid Caravan Parks are seamlessly integrated into resort facilities, offering guests the possibility to experience traditional resort comforts at the same time. Visitors can experience the most of both when living in Hybrid Caravan Parks; key characteristics of these parks are:

  • Caravan parking facilities: Secure and easy parking for caravans. Access to the Resort Amenities:
  • access to resort Amenities:Guests staying in caravans can enjoy the resort’s amenities like accommodation as well as dining and recreation services.

Caravan Parks as Part of Independent Houses

Allowing independent house owners to host Caravans

House owners who own their own homes and have adequate land are able to build Caravan Parks on their properties and can accommodate up to two caravans at a time offering travelers a personal and personal experience while reaching all the charm and attractions of their locale. Some of the advantages of these parks are:

  • accessibility: Easy access to the road and a short distance to popular tourist destinations, visitors can discover the region with ease.
  • The role of the Kerala Responsible Tourism Mission: The Kerala Responsible Tourism Mission serves an essential role in identifying the most suitable properties by simple registration.

Caravan Parks in Plantation Areas

Harnessing the Beauty of Kerala’s Plantations

Caravan Parks situated within Kerala’s plantations areas make use of the lush green landscapes of the region to provide visitors with a memorable plantation experience. The main features of these caravan parks in plantation zones are:

  • Incorporating Nature Incorporating the park with its natural surroundings to provide an experience that is immersive for the traveler.
  • Sustainability Implementing practices that align with sustainable tourism, which reduces impacts on fragile ecosystems.

Caravan Parks under KTDC 

Brings Expertise, Knowledge and resources into Caravan Parks

Caravan parks established in the name of Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) offer travelers knowledge and resources. They operate under Responsible Tourism or with limited infrastructure, these parks increase Kerala’s tourism potential, and help to boost the economy of Kerala. The most important aspects of these parks are:

  • Utilization of Tourism Potential The Caravan Parks are strategically placed in areas that have a high tourism potential, allowing visitors access to breathtaking destinations.

Caravan Parks offered by LSG Institutions and Other Departments

Enabling local governance as well as Community Development

LSG agencies and other government department such as Forest & Wildlife use vacant parcels of land near tourist destinations to establish Caravan Parks that not only provide employment opportunities, but also boost economic growth within local communities. The highlights of these parks are:

  • Community Benefits The emphasis has been put on the development of communities, job creation and economic growth within the vicinity.

Safety and Security

Caravan Parks prioritise the safety and security of their guests in order to ensure a pleasant stay. Important safety measures for caravan parks are Boundary Walls secure enclosure of parks with restricted access points, and gates that can be locked to block access for those who are not authorized:
Keravan Kerala.

  • Security Personnel Security staff trained and who are stationed in the park provide a visible and confident presence. Moreover, regular security guards’ patrols enhance the general security within the park.
  • Surveillance Cameras Utilizing the latest technology in surveillance carefully placed cameras for security offer total surveillance.
  • The First Aid Kit: Our reception offers an emergency First Aid Kit, as well as personnel trained to provide assistance in the event of a medical emergency occurs.
  • Doctor On Call You can access medical aid immediately in the event of an emergency. Simply call an individual physician.
  • Disaster Management Workers and supervisory staff were taught about disaster management in order to be ready for a variety of scenarios such as traffic accidents, earthquakes and floods and landslides that occur in the hills.

Tourist Facilitation centre (TFC)

Tourism Facilitation Centers (TFC) play crucial roles in bringing comfort and ease to campers and tourists. Not just spaces for use they are also places of relaxation. TFC represents sustainable architecture that is mindful of and respects the local cultural and ecological context. Some of the key features of TFC design are:

      • Sustainability The design of the architecture is based on sustainability, focusing on minimizing the environmental impact of its construction as well as operation.
      • Energie Efficiency The energy-saving aspects are built into the design of every facility to help reduce carbon emissions as well as encourage sustainable energy usage.
      • TFC Architecture draws inspiration from Local Art and Architecture: TFC architecture takes its inspiration from local architecture and art honoring its rich cultural heritage as well as fostering a sense belonging to a particular community.
      • Local Material Use: When possible, local construction materials are used to support the economic development of a community and reducing carbon emissions generated by transportation.

The Tourist Facilitation Center represents not just convenience and function as well as Kerala’s commitment to sustainable tourism, sustainability and preserving its unique ecological and cultural identity.

Responsible Tourism

The foundation of our business is ethical tourism methods that foster sustainable development and positive outcomes for local communities while respecting the integrity of the environment. Our commitment to responsible tourism goes beyond sustainable practices and local buying preferences all the way to promoting eco-tourism and making use of local products whenever feasible.

Waste Management

The management of waste is a key element of an Caravan Park. To maintain an untouched and environmentally-responsible park experience,

A well-organized waste management system should have a system in place for managing waste. This includes segregating garbage into biodegradable, recyclable and non-biodegradable substances and also taking, storing and disposing of the waste and refuse in a well-organized manner. Also, sewerage treatment and disposal needs to be taken into consideration to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the environment in good condition.

Separation of Garbage as a Sustainable Practice

The foundation of responsible waste management is the separation of trash into distinct categories for treatment that lessens the environmental impact.

  • biodegradable waste (Kitchen Waste and Other): This category is a reference to organic matter that degrades in a natural manner over time, including food scraps or plant materials. Utilizing a separate system of collection for biodegradable waste permits composting, or other environmentally-friendly disposal methods that limit the use of landfills in greenhouse emissions thereby helping to save money and the environment!
  • Non-biodegradable waste (Thermo Carbon Products and Aluminium Foil and Cigarette Butts among others): Non-biodegradable waste is a term used to describe materials that don’t biodegrade naturally over time, and are a threat for the environment. Recycling and disposal practices that are properly managed are required in order to effectively manage these substances.
  • Recyclable waste (Newspapers bottles and cans, etc.): Recycling is an integral part of sustainable waste management. It helps to conserve resources while also reducing the use of energy and the environmental impact when producing. Recycling glass, paper, and even metal allow us to reuse resources while reducing energy consumption during production, while reducing the environmental and energy costs that come with the production process.


Receiving, Storing and Disposal of Waste A Methodological Approach

Caravan parks should adopt a system that is efficient for storing, receiving in and disposal of garbage to maintain their environmental and cleanliness.

  • 1. Reception: Waste Management should begin by establishing designated collection areas in your park. They must be strategically located in a way that encourages campers and guests alike to eliminate trash responsibly. Clear signposts and well-maintained bins can help in this process.
  • 2. Storage: Once the waste is gathered the waste should be put in containers that are appropriate for the type of waste. The bins should be secure and sealed to reduce litter and hinder attempts to scavenge wildlife. Regularly emptying these bins ensures they don’t overflow, reducing risks to the environment.
  • 3. Disposal: The final stage involves the responsible disposal of material that is deemed to be waste. Compostable materials can be treated by biodegradation or other environmentally friendly methods, while non-biodegradable materials are to be taken to authorized facilities to avoid contamination. Recyclable materials should be delivered directly to recycling facilities so that they can be processed before being reused in a different form.

Sewerage Collection Treatment, Disposal and Recycling Ensuring Hygiene as well as Environmental Protection

Caravan Parks must also implement appropriate systems for sewerage collection and treatment as well as disposal in order to maintain cleanliness while protecting the surroundings.

    • 1. Sewerage and Wastewater Collection needs to be efficiently managed to avoid pollution to the park and its surrounding areas. In a well-organized system, facilities and caravans collect wastewater for treatment prior to it being pumped through sewerage systems, which channel it to be disposed of.
    • 2. Wastewater treatment is crucial to comply with the requirements of the environment and to protect the local water bodies from contamination. Common treatment methods are chemical treatment, biological treatment, and filtration – all making sure that the effluent  adheres to them in a timely manner.
    • 3. Disposal: Once it has been treated effluents should be removed in accordance with local laws and environmental regulations. Methods for disposal could include discharge into water bodies designated for disposal or recycling for irrigation purposes depending on the location of your park and the resources available.

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