Nelliampathi Tourist Places: Exploring the Scenic Beauty of the Hills

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Welcome to the intriguing world of Nelliampathi, a hidden treasure in Kerala’s lush highlands.Because of its beautiful views, peaceful ambiance, and fascinating tourist attractions, Nelliampathi has grown to be a highly sought-after destination for nature lovers and adventurers.In this piece, we’ll provide you details on this breathtaking hill station and take you on an immersive tour of its most well-liked tourist attractions.Get packing right away and embark on a spectacular journey!

Nelliampathi Tourist Places

Palakkad Gap: Gateway to Paradise

Right at the entrance to the town of Nelliampathi is where you may find the entryway. Palakkad Gap is where the entrance to this gorgeous home is located.As you travel through the Gap, breathtaking vistas of the mist-covered mountains and vast tea farms are in store for you.When you inhale the chilly mountain air and take in the calming sound of birds chirping, you immediately feel at ease.

Seetharkundu Viewpoint A glimpse of Heaven

If you’re looking for the ideal vantage point from which to observe Nelliampathi’s beauty, you should be at Seetharkundu Viewpoint.In the hills, there is an observation point. One can see the entire region from this vantage point, including the mist-covered valleys, the waterfalls that slide down, and the stunning trees that surround the entire area as far as the eye can see.The views will astound and seduce you!

Pothundi Dam: Where Nature Meets Serenity

Pothundi Dam is a breathtaking scene that combines the tranquilly of the surroundings with the magnificence of nature. It is situated close to the Meenkara River’s mouth.The dam is a great spot for boating and picnics where you can unwind in the tranquil environment and take in the smooth flow of the river.Don’t forget to capture this gorgeous place on camera!

Nelliampathi Hills: A Hiker’s Paradise

For those who appreciate being outside and having adventures Both nature lovers and adventure seekers will enjoy a vacation to the Nelliampathi Hills.With its numerous walking routes, thick forests, and an abundance of wildlife, this place offers an amazing experience that’s tough to forget.As you go down the alluring pathways past tea and coffee estates, you get the opportunity to see nature’s grandeur up close.

Kesavanpara Viewpoint: Marvel at the Majestic Mountains

You must visit Kesavanpara Viewpoint if you want to enjoy the breathtaking panoramas of the mountains and misty valleys that make up Nelliampathi.There, visitors can witness nature in its most exquisite form.Given the spectacular sunset and the way the many colours of the sky interplay, it is the ideal location for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Travelling in the Nature’s Abode with Meenuliyan

A trekker’s heaven, Meenuliyan Para lies tucked away in the verdant Nelliampathi mountains.A fascinating journey that includes dense forests, thundering waterfalls, and stunning landscape is the ascent to Meenuliyan Para.The journeymaker will have lifelong memories as a result of the beautiful view from the summit, which is worth the effort.

The Viewpoint of Karapara: A delight OF Nature

Photography aficionados will enjoy that Karapara Viewpoint provides the ideal opportunity for you to capture images of Nelliampathi’s breathtaking natural beauty.The hazy hills, meandering streams, and brilliant vegetation provide for the perfect backdrop for striking images.Don’t forget to bring your cameras, and let your creative juices run.

Parambikulam Wilderness Sanctuary Where Wilderness thrives

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for lovers of nature and wildlife and is located close to Nelliampathi.A wide variety of unique kinds of flora and fauna can be found in the sanctuary’s luxuriant foliage. These include numerous different birds, elephants, tigers, and leopards.Take a thrilling adventure and observe the untamed countryside from a distance.

Seethargundu Falls: Nature’s Cascade of Beauty

In the lush Nelliampathi hillocks, Seethargundu Falls is a well-kept secret.You will be in wonder as the waterfall produces a breathtaking scene as it cascades over a cliff.It’s a great place to unwind because of the lush vegetation and tranquil sound of water falling.

Hanging Bridge: An Adventure In Nature

For anyone who enjoys adventure, visiting the Hanging Bridge in Nelliampathi is a wonderful experience.The bridge’s swinging arc provides stunning views of the valleys and dense woodlands in an encircling green forest.It’s a heart-pounding adventure that gives you a unique opportunity to interact with nature.


For those seeking tranquilly in the midst of nature, Nelliampathi, with its breathtaking beauty and magnificent tourist attractions, guarantees an amazing trip.Regardless of your interests or degree of experience, Nelliampathi has something unique to offer everyone. Those who enjoy the outdoors, those seeking adventure, and those seeking the ideal getaway location will all find something of interest here.Create a strategy for your trip, immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery, and create lifelong memories.

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