Bekal Kerala Tourism: Exploring the Serene Beauty of Southern India

Bekal Kerala


Bekal is a small coastal town within the Kasaragod district is one of the most beautiful spots in Kerala. Bekal is an absolute must-see spot to anyone seeking tranquility and relaxation due to its natural beauty, forts dating to the mediaeval period beautiful beaches and backwaters. In this blog we’ll look into the idyllic location in Bekal, Kerala, and discover the various tourist destinations.

1. The Charm of Bekal Fort

History as well Architecture

Bekal Fort is a proud monument to the region’s extensive time in. The fort that dates back up to 17th century was constructed by the Kadampa dynasty’s Emperors. Its formidable walls, concealed corridors and observation towers offering stunning panoramas over the Arabian Sea, the fort is a unique fusion between European along with Indian architecture.

The Cultural Importance

Bekal Fort is significant culturally and architecturally. stunning beauty. Its popularity has been boosted because it has featured in numerous Indian films and has become an ideal location for film production. Visitors can explore Kerala’s many cultural traditions and artistic expressions when they attend any of the numerous celebrations and cultural events that are held within the Fort.

2. Backwaters and Houseboat Experience

Explore the Backwaters

The Bekal backwaters comprise a system of interconnected lagoons, rivers and canals that offer stunning and tranquil setting. Take a houseboat cruise and travel through a coconut grove and through tranquil waters. It is possible to completely immerse your self in the natural world during this unforgettable experience that offers peace and peace.

Utilizing a houseboat

A traditional stay in a houseboat is a unique and memorable experience. The “kettuvallams,” or houseboats are constructed from bamboo and timber and offer an incredibly comfortable experience in the tranquil backwaters. You can enjoy delicious regional food prepared by the skilled crew of the boat while you unwind in the tranquility of nature and enjoy the stunning sunset.

3. Bekal Beaches: Serenity Unleashed

Kappil Beach

A beautiful strip of golden sand, with water backsplash and Arabian Sea on either side is located in Kappil Beach, which is near Bekal. It’s a perfect spot for a picnic in peace or a relaxing stroll due to the peaceful environment. You can take part in water-based such as kayaking and sailing or simply lay to sunbathe and revel delight in the peacefulness that’s all around you.

Bekal Beach Park

The gorgeous Bekal Beach Park is located close to Bekal Fort. With well-maintained plants and paths, the park offers a serene setting. You can enjoy a relaxing walk along the coastline or the soft sea breeze or play the seaside activities such as beach volleyball. There are also spaces for children to play in, making it an ideal spot for families to enjoy time together.

4. Nurturing Ayurveda: Rejuvenation and Wellness

Ayurvedic spas and Resorts

The Ayurvedic spas and resorts of Bekal are well-known for offering holistic wellness experiences. For a relaxing and revitalizing experience for your body, mind and soul, indulge yourself to a massage that is relaxing as well as healing therapies and yoga classes. You’ll feel rejuvenated and renewed after receiving treatments from skilled therapists and benefiting from the curative power of Ayurveda.

Village Ayurvedic Heritage

Ayurvedic Heritage Village in Bekal Ayurvedic Heritage Village located in Bekal provides the opportunity to feel the essence of Ayurveda. Through informative seminars or workshops, as well as demonstrations, this particular retreat will give you a complete understanding of Ayurveda. Discover the benefits of herbal remedies learn about traditional practices for healing and uncover the secrets to an enlightened and healthy lifestyle.

5. Unique Cultural Experiences

Theyyam A living Art Form

See the vibrant and captivating Theyyam spectacles, a ritual dance-drama which is only available to Northern Kerala. Theyyam is a spectacle that features actors in elaborate costumes and slick makeup while they perform an amalgamation of mythology, folklore and spirituality. You’ll be captivated by the hypnotic spectacle triggered by the vivid rituals, and the pulse from traditional songs.

Crafts and Merchandise

Traditional handicrafts made in Bekal are renowned for their ability to capture the rich heritage of the region’s culture. Explore beautiful handcrafted objects such as wood sculptures, coir items and vibrant textiles exploring the local markets and shops. Take a bit of Bekal’s legacy as an artist home to be a treasured souvenir of your trip.


An undiscovered paradise, Bekal in Kerala offers the ideal blend of tranquility as well as a rich cultural heritage along with natural beauties. Each visitor can find something enjoyable in Bekal starting from the breathtaking Bekal Fort to the tranquil backwaters, pristine beaches, rejuvenating Ayurvedic adventures, to distinct performance of the cultural. Visit this amazing place to create memories that last for a lifetime.

Bekal Kerala Tourism: FAQs

1: How do I reach Bekal?
The nearest airport Mangalore International Airport, is 67 km away and has flight options to Bekal. Bekal is easily accessible from airport using a bus, or by booking taxis. Kasaragod is the nearest railway station, and has great connections to the major cities in Kerala as well as the neighboring states.

2. Are any guided tours that are offered at Bekal?
Absolutely, Bekal offers guided tours that provide valuable information and greater understanding of the region’s history as well as its culture and landmarks. The tours are led by expert tour guides who take you on informative and enjoyable journeys that will leave you with an unforgettable trip.

3 Is it safe to go towards Bekal?
Absolutely, Bekal can be considered a safe destination to visit. Bekal is known by its friendly and friendly hospitality. Local authorities prioritize the security and wellbeing of tourists. For a comfortable and enjoyable trip it is recommended to adhere to local laws and follow general safety guidelines like any other location of travel.

4 What are the top tourist attractions that you must visit in Bekal?
Bekal offers a range of attractions that must be seen, including Chandragiri Fort, Valiyaparamba Backwaters, Forts and Beach Parks that provide visitors with an historical background, stunning views and peaceful locations for exploring.

5. Do I have the option of visiting Bekal to take one day?
While it is possible to see a variety of Bekal’s most famous attractions in one day, it’s best to take some time to enjoy the natural beauty and peacefulness of the area. It allows you to engage in leisurely pursuits, uncover hidden treasures, and take in the traditions and customs of the region.

6: What type of food is offered locally in Bekal?
The regional food of Bekal is famous for its delicious and delicious ingredients, vibrant flavors and distinct Malabar influences. In many recipes, seafood–particularly fish, prawns, and crab–takes centre stage. Coconut-based curries, appams as well as traditional Malabar biryanis also are very popular. Don’t pass up the opportunity to visit Bekal’s vibrant street food stalls and neighborhood eateries.

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