Exploring Bekal in 5 Days: A Comprehensive Guide


Bekal, a picturesque town located in the northern part of Kerala, India, is known for its stunning landscapes, historical fort, and serene beaches. If you have the luxury of spending five days in this enchanting destination, you can immerse yourself in its rich culture, indulge in mouthwatering cuisine, and witness the beauty of its natural attractions. This guide will provide you with a detailed itinerary to make the most of your five-day exploration of Bekal.

Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation

Upon arriving in Bekal, start your journey by checking into a comfortable accommodation option, preferably one that offers a view of the Arabian Sea. Many resorts and hotels in Bekal provide a perfect blend of luxury and nature. After settling in, take a leisurely stroll along the nearby beach to unwind and soak in the calming atmosphere.

For dinner, venture into the local cuisine. Bekal is known for its delicious seafood, so be sure to try traditional dishes like Meen Pollichathu (fish cooked in banana leaf) and Kappa Biryani (tapioca and meat dish). This will be an excellent introduction to the flavors of Kerala.

Day 2: Explore Bekal Fort

Dedicate your second day to exploring the iconic Bekal Fort. This historic fort, set against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea, is one of the largest and best-preserved forts in Kerala. Spend your morning delving into the history of Bekal Fort, marveling at its architecture, and enjoying panoramic views from its observation points.

In the afternoon, visit the nearby Bekal Beach. Relax on the sandy shores, take a dip in the sea, or engage in water sports activities offered by local vendors. As the sun sets, return to Bekal Fort to witness a mesmerizing view of the fort illuminated against the evening sky.

Day 3: Backwaters and Houseboat Experience

Bekal is surrounded by a network of backwaters and serene waterways. On your third day, embark on a houseboat cruise through the Valiyaparamba Backwaters. These backwaters offer a peaceful and enchanting experience as you sail through palm-fringed canals and witness local life along the water’s edge.

Enjoy a traditional Kerala lunch served on the houseboat, prepared with local ingredients and flavors. Spend the afternoon relaxing on the deck, taking in the scenic beauty, and capturing the moments with your camera. This houseboat experience provides a unique perspective on the natural charm of Bekal.

Day 4: Visit Ananthapura Lake Temple and Explore Local Markets

Begin your fourth day with a visit to the Ananthapura Lake Temple, the only lake temple in Kerala. Dedicated to Lord Anantha Padmanabha, the temple is surrounded by a peaceful lake and lush greenery. Take a guided tour to learn about the temple’s history and the fascinating folklore associated with it.

In the afternoon, explore the local markets in Bekal. The markets offer a variety of handicrafts, spices, and traditional Kerala attire. Engage with local artisans, and perhaps, purchase souvenirs to commemorate your visit. This is also an excellent opportunity to interact with the friendly locals and get a glimpse of their daily lives.

Day 5: Bekal’s Hidden Gems – Ranipuram and Chandragiri Fort

On your final day, venture beyond the well-trodden paths and discover two hidden gems near Bekal: Ranipuram and Chandragiri Fort. Ranipuram, also known as Ootty of Kerala, is a hill station with lush greenery and breathtaking views. Spend your morning trekking through the trails and enjoying the cool mountain air.

In the afternoon, head to Chandragiri Fort, located on the banks of the Chandragiri River. This lesser-known fort offers a tranquil atmosphere and a glimpse into Kerala’s historical past. Explore the fort’s ruins, climb the watchtower, and savor the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Wrap up your day with a farewell dinner, reflecting on the incredible experiences and memories you’ve gathered during your five-day exploration of Bekal.

In conclusion, a five-day itinerary in Bekal allows you to delve into the region’s history, relax on pristine beaches, cruise through backwaters, and explore hidden gems. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone seeking tranquility, Bekal offers a diverse range of experiences that will leave you with a deep appreciation for this enchanting destination.

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