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Kerala, situated along India’s southwestern coast, is famed for its breathtaking landscapes, cultural riches, and vibrant traditions. While Kerala’s backwaters and beaches have long been popular tourist spots, caravan tours offer another exciting way to experience Kerala – they combine open road travel with natural beauty and cultural riches all rolled up into one unforgettable journey! In this article we’ll examine their allure, features, benefits, and promise of an unforgettable journey experience!

The Rise of Kerala Caravans

Since 2016, experiential and off-the-beaten-path travel has grown increasingly popular, as travelers search for authentic experiences that allow them to engage more fully with local cultures and natural environments; Kerala caravans have emerged as an exceptional way of exploring this unique region.

Kerala caravans combine travel and accommodation into one convenient package, enabling visitors to begin their journey without needing to continually switch accommodations. Available in different sizes and configurations to meet group sizes and individual preferences; travelers can navigate Kerala’s varied terrain at their own pace without being restricted by predefined schedules or timetables.

Features of Kerala Caravans

Kerala caravans provide travelers with everything necessary for an enjoyable travel experience, including sleeping quarters, kitchenette facilities, bathroom amenities and ample storage space. Their “home away from home” approach guarantees travelers have everything needed for an enjoyable journey.

Flexibility and Freedom: One of the greatest benefits of a Kerala caravan tour is its unparalleled flexibility for travellers. Travellers have complete freedom over their routes, stops, duration and durations – enabling them to uncover hidden gems more readily than otherwise possible in such an eclectic region as Kerala – creating an exceptional journey experience! This makes exploring its depths especially enjoyable!

Kerala caravans provide travelers with an immersive cultural experience as they traverse villages, towns, and cities in Kerala. Travelers have opportunities to meet locals, participate in festivals, and indulge in delicious regional cuisine – something traditional forms of travel simply cannot offer.

Scenic Backwater Journeys: Kerala is famous for its serene backwaters, and caravans provide an exceptional way to experience them. Travelers can drive alongside these tranquil waterways while stopping for boat rides and discovering remote villages that larger vehicles cannot access.

Environmental Consciousness: Kerala caravans offer eco-conscious travellers an alternative means of travel across the region, with reduced impact on the environment and encouraging responsible practices among its passengers.

Benefits of Exploring Kerala in a Caravan

Customized Itineraries: Travelers have the flexibility to tailor their itinerary according to their interests and preferences, from leisurely journeying along Kerala’s tranquil backwaters, cultural discovery at historic sites or an action-packed road trip – Kerala caravans offer something suitable for every travel style!

Off the Beaten Path Adventures: Caravans allow travelers to venture beyond the tourist trail and uncover unexplored gems not typically featured in traditional travel guides, providing an authentic experience of Kerala’s vast landscapes and cultures.

Unique Accommodation: Staying in a mobile home adds an exciting aspect to any journey, offering breathtaking views of Kerala’s landscapes every morning and nights spent sleeping under starlit skies creating an unforgettable travel experience.

Cost-Efficient Travel: Although renting a caravan may appear more costly at first glance, when all expenses related to accommodation, transportation, dining and entertainment are taken into consideration it can prove much more economical for families or groups of travelers.

Caravan travel allows travellers to immerse themselves in nature and the great outdoors, be it through its lush Western Ghats greenery, tranquil backwaters or stunning beaches of Kerala; visitors can witness its beauty first-hand and appreciate its glory up close.

Exploring Kerala: A Caravan Itinerary

A perfect caravan itinerary in Kerala could include multiple experiences that showcase the diversity of the region.

Day 1: Kochi – Start your journey in Kochi with its bustling markets, historic sites and the iconic Chinese fishing nets. Enjoy the vibrant mix of cultures in this coastal city.

Day 3: Munnar and Western Ghats_ Travel up to Munnar, a hill station nestled among sprawling tea plantations. While you are there, enjoy trekking, bird watching and Eravikulam National Park.

Day 7: Alleppey (Alappuzha).– Enjoy Kerala’s waterways and idyllic villages by sailing on a traditional houseboat.

Day 8-10 – Kovalam & Varkala Beaches – Driving to Kovalam & Varkala beach offers stunning beaches where you can experience water sports, Ayurvedic treatment, and relax by the turquoise Arabian Sea.

Day 11-14 : Wayanad– Wayanad is a lush jungle with a diverse range of wildlife. Explore Edakkal Caves and swim in natural pools to experience the indigenous culture.

Practical Safety Tips for Kerala Caravan Travel

It can be thrilling to embark on a Kerala caravan journey, but it’s important to plan thoroughly and ensure safety before you start. Before you set out, here are some helpful tips:

Plan and Research: Take the time to carefully plan your route, noting road conditions, petrol station locations, and potential stops. Plan ahead to maximize the potential of your trip and minimize unexpected problems along the way.

Vehicle inspection: Always double-check your caravan’s condition before you set off. Check the engine, brakes, tires and other essential systems before you set off on your trip.

Driving skills: A short driving course can help you develop your driving skills if you’re new to driving large vehicles or caravans. Driving a car is different from driving a caravan.

Rest and Stay Hydrated: Driving long distances can be exhausting. Take frequent breaks and stay hydrated. Kerala has beautiful landscapes that are perfect for relaxing and stopping along the way.

Navigation Tool: Although GPS devices are extremely useful, physical maps can be invaluable when you’re in remote areas without GPS signals. When other options fail, a physical map can be life-saving. For example, when you need to drive or walk alone in unfamiliar terrain.

Kerala weather awareness: Kerala’s weather is highly variable and can include heavy rains during the monsoon season. Consult a weather forecast before travelling to ensure you’re prepared for any conditions that may arise.

Respect local customs: Kerala has a rich cultural heritage and customs. It is important to preserve these treasures in places of worship and conservative areas.

Waste disposal: Keep the environment clean by disposing waste in an environmentally-friendly manner and using trash bags.

Booking Campsites : It’s a good idea to make reservations early for a campsite or caravan park, especially in high tourist season.

Emergency contacts: Have a list handy of emergency contacts, such as local authorities, hospitals, and your rental company. Be prepared for any unforeseen events.

Challenges and Considerations

Kerala caravans are an excellent way to explore this area, but you need to be aware of a few things when planning your trip.

Road Condition: Kerala has a vast road network. However, rural areas may have narrow roads or roads with uneven surfaces that require extra caution.

Congestion: In urban areas, traffic congestion is a problem. If you can, plan your journey to avoid traffic.

Parking Finding parking spaces for caravans is sometimes a difficult task. It’s best to conduct research as soon as you can in order to find areas that offer caravan-friendly facilities and parking.

Cultural Sensitivity Kerala has a conservative culture, and it is important to be aware of the local customs in order to avoid offending someone. Dress modestly to avoid offending anyone.

Language barrier: Even though English is the most common language in tourist areas and remote villages, you may encounter language barriers. You could be able to help yourself by knowing some local terms or by using a translation app.

Fuel Availability Be aware of the petrol stations that are available along your route, particularly in remote areas.


Kerala caravan travel is a great way to experience adventure, culture, and freedom. The opportunity for travelers to create lasting memories while exploring picturesque landscapes and connecting with local communities is a great way to make connections. More travelers are discovering the allure of this immersive experience to “God’s Own Country”. They want to see God’s Own Country firsthand. No matter what your passions are – whether you’re a nature lover, culture enthusiast or thrill-seeker – this is a unique experience.

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