kollam tourist places: Unveiling the Charms of the Backwaters

kollam tourist places

Welcome to Kollam, India – a hidden gem located along Kerala’s picturesque backwaters! Boasting rich history, cultural heritage and natural wonders that attract travelers seeking a tranquil yet authentic experience. Featuring historic landmarks to serene backwater cruising experiences; cultural delights to indulging in local cuisine; Kollam promises an adventure full of fascinating moments and fascinating delights! So let’s embark on an virtual tour and uncover its charms.

Introduction to kollam tourist places

Kollam’s location along the picturesque Ashtamudi Lake has made it an integral part of Kerala’s maritime history and spice trade for centuries, serving as an important trading port that attracted merchants from around the globe for trading purposes since ancient times. Kollam boasts a rich cultural heritage as evidenced by ancient temples, historic forts, and traditional art forms that showcase its past glory.

Exploring Historical Landmarks

Start off your visit of Kollam tourist places by climbing to the top of Thangassery Lighthouse. Enjoy panoramic views of Arabian Sea and the surrounding landscape from here; it serves as an iconic symbol of Kollam’s maritime history and can provide insight into its past.

Next, visit Kollam Fort – an architectural wonder built by Portuguese settlers in 16th century. Explore its ancient walls, secret chambers, and remnants from bygone era as you roam through this historic fort – you will feel transported back through time as it unfolds its rich history before your very eyes.

Do not miss the opportunity to unwind and revive at Tangasseri Beach. Boasting golden sands, gentle waves, and an atmosphere that encourages peace and relaxation, Tangasseri is the ideal spot for enjoying nature. Take a leisurely stroll along its shore, breathe in some salty sea air, and watch spectacular sunsets that transform the sky into hues of orange and pink – it will leave you refreshed and renewed!

Backwater Bliss

Ashtamudi Lake is a serene and magical lake in Kollam, which opens up to the backwaters of Kerala. Let the tranquility of your surroundings envelope you as you glide along the water in a traditional canoe or on a houseboat. Immerse yourself into the lush vegetation, watch the birds and local fishermen cast their nets.

Munroe Island in Kollam offers a stunning backwater experience. Don’t miss this hidden gem for an unforgettable backwater journey. Discover the canal network, stroll through picturesque villages and experience the local lifestyle. This island is a haven for nature and birdwatchers, giving a glimpse of the unspoiled beauty of Kerala’s Backwaters.

Cultural Delights

Kollam, a city rich in tradition and art, is a cultural center. Kathakali is a classical dance drama that features elaborate costumes, detailed makeup and compelling storytelling. The rhythmic beats from traditional percussion instruments such as the Chenda or the Maddalam accompanying the vibrant dance forms.

Visit the ancient temples and church of Kollam to immerse yourself in its spiritual aura. Sasthamcotta Sree Dharma Sastha Temple is popular pilgrimage destination. It is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. Experience the intricate architecture and rituals. Soak in the divine atmosphere. The Holy Cross Church is one of the oldest in Kollam. It has stunning stained-glass windows and a serene atmosphere.

Kollam celebrates many festivals with great enthusiasm. Kollam Pooram is held in the Asramam Maidan and features vibrant processions, decorated Elephants, traditional music and mesmerizing firework displays. The city is alive with the vibrant spirit and cultural riches of Kollam.

Natural Wonders

Kollam has a wealth of natural wonders which will leave you speechless. The Palaruvi Waterfalls are a magnificent sight, with cascading water from 300 feet high. As you admire the grandeur of nature, feel the mist cool your face.

Thenmala is India’s first eco-tourism destination. Enjoy activities such as boating, rock climbing, and nature trails. Thenmala is a beautiful place with many attractions. The musical dancing fountain and butterfly park are two of the most popular.

Wildlife lovers can visit the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary located near Kollam. On a jungle tour, you can spot endangered species such as the Nilgiri Langur, Indian Bison, and lion-tailed Macaque. Birdwatchers will also find the sanctuary a haven, as a wide variety of species live amongst the dense foliage.

Accommodation Options

Kollam has a variety of accommodation options that will suit the needs of every traveler. Luxury resorts and luxury hotels offer a luxurious retreat with stunning views and modern amenities. There are many mid-range hotels with excellent service and convenient locations that provide a comfortable stay for a reasonable cost. Budget travelers can choose budget-friendly accommodation and homestays that offer a glimpse of the local lifestyle.


Kollam is a fascinating destination for travelers, thanks to its historical landmarks, tranquil backwaters and vibrant cultural scene. Kollam offers something for everyone, from experiencing the rich history of the city to enjoying the local cuisine, discovering the tranquil backwaters and attending vibrant festivals. Plan your trip and make unforgettable memories in the beauty that is Kerala backwaters.

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