Kozhikode Beach

If you don’t get to experience the excitement and fun of visiting a beach while on vacation, your trip will never be fully satisfying. Kerala is undoubtedly “God’s own country,” and it features a number of well-known locations that tourists adore visiting. The beach in Kozhikode is one among them. This beach is located on India’s Malabar coast. There are four road overbridges in the city that lead to it. The Kozhikode beach has laid stones and lighting to enhance its beauty.

As the location where Vasco de Gama landed and the renowned spice route was formed, Kozhikode will always hold a special position in history. Every day, a lot of tourists visit the Kozhikode beach, many of which come with their families to take in the beach’s breathtaking beauty. The shacks also have a plentiful supply of fresh seafood. People come here to eat the fish and take in the absolutely stunning sunset.

Kozhikode Beach is easy to get to. You can access the red cross road by one of the four routes that cross the bridge from Mannachira to the Kozhikode beach. The end of this route is at the shore. The area’s main shopping district is located on Cherooty Road, a lengthy street that also boasts a number of upscale stores! Enjoy your evening by doing all the shopping you want to at Cherooty Road.

Visit Kozhikode to make your trip to Kerala unforgettable and to stimulate your senses. You can also choose to explore Kozhikode using the Kerala Caravan, a recent project of Kerala Tourism. It is a thrilling and opulent experience that allows you to see Kerala while taking in the scenery. A visit of Kerala by caravan is something that will make your holiday doubly special.

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Kozhikode Beach