Wayanad is situated at a height of 2100 metres. It is a breathtakingly gorgeous location and one of Kerala’s top tourist destinations. There is something for everyone over here, and to add to the beauty, it also boasts a tantalising perfume of spices, stunning waterfalls, and mesmerising caves. When you visit Kerala, you must schedule a vacation to Wayanad. If you’re unsure of what to do when visiting Wayanad, don’t panic; there are a tonne of sites you can go. You can start by going to the well-known wildlife refuge, the Wayanad wildlife refuge.

It is a crucial component of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and spans a massive 344 km. If you’re fortunate, you might see an elephant in addition to a tiger! There are exciting safaris that you can take to enhance your experience! Additionally, there is the well-known Banasura Sagar Dam, which is regarded as the biggest earthen dam in all of India. Treks can be taken here that are adventurous and exciting. Bamboo rafting is something you must not miss if you enjoy trying new things!

Here is a hidden gem: the Wayanad island of Kuruva. It is made up of three beautiful islands and is spread out across 950 acres of land. Here, you may go bamboo rafting, which is thrilling and beautiful. You should definitely give this a try if being in nature helps you relax; when rafting, you will see many different varieties of trees.

Kerala caravan tours, which you may take to discover Wayanad’s magnificence, have just been introduced in an effort to boost tourism in the state. The houseboats in the backwaters are analogous to this concept in that both are very novel and distinctive. Visit the Kerala Caravan and experience nature up close!

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