Vishu Festival - Celebrating Unity and Joy: Enter the vibrant world of Vishu, an exuberant festival celebrated with great joy in Kerala state in India.

Vishu Festival: Commemorating New Beginnings: Vishu is the festival that commemorates Kerala's traditional New Year and is observed on the first day of Malayalam month Medam.

Vishu and Lord Krishna's Cosmic Dance: According to mythology, Vishu symbolizes Lord Krishna's cosmic dance as revealed to Lord Arjuna by him during their intimate meeting.

Homes come alive with vibrant preparations for Vishu. Cleaning, decorating and setting out an auspicious 'Vishu Kani' are essential steps toward making it an auspicious year ahead.

The Auspicious 'Vishu Kani' A Vishu Kani is an array of symbolic items such as rice, fruits, flowers, gold coins and coins which symbolise abundance and good luck.

Gathering Blessings From Elders Family members assemble around the "Vishu Kani", gathering for blessings from their eldest member for an effective year ahead.

darui Giving Love and Blessings: Elders give gifts of affection known as Kaineettam (kaynee-ettam) to younger members, strengthening family ties and spreading happiness throughout.

Vishu Sadya'- Grand Feast from Kerala for Vishu can only be complete when its signature feast, 'Vishu Sadya,' has taken place - traditional Kerala dishes served on banana leaves!

Colours in the Sky: Fireworks and Festivities As night falls, fireworks illuminated by their brilliance light up the skies to bring joy and festivities.

Indulge in Soulful Melodies with 'Vishu Kani Kanal" Begin your morning right by welcoming tradition songs known as 'Vishu Kani Kanal," filling the air with feelings of unity and nostalgia.

Playful Games: "Vishu Kottu": Come enjoy 'Vishu Kottu," an exciting coin-based game which brings laughter and happiness among family and friends alike!

The Magic of New Attire 'Vishu Kodi': Wearing festival attire such as Vishu Kodi symbolizes new beginnings and family celebration.

Vishu Puli Kali: Witness the captivating 'Vishu Puli Kali,' a folk art form where performers paint themselves as tigers and hunters.

Flourishing Beauty of Konna Flowers: Bright yellow Konna flowers adorn homes to represent Vishu and its colorful celebration.

Vishu Festival Celebrates Unity and TogethernessWhilst Vishu Festival may be seen as a festival, it also marks a journey of unity, love and togetherness for many people from the Hindu community around the world.